Family Law

Experience Matters.

The family law practice the Law Office of Jennifer M. D. Allen serves all needs of individuals faced with a separation and/or divorce. Attorney Allen is expertly skilled at drafting and successfully negotiating sophisticated marital or paternity agreements which serve each family’s unique financial and/or parenting situations. She successfully and completely conducts trials for clients who are unable to reach settlement, including utilizing experts.

Our representation extends beyond the judgment of divorce or custody to appeals, modification matters, and the enforcement of judgments, through contempt actions.

Divorce/Separation of Unmarried Parents

We represent families in all matters related to divorce before, during and after the divorce. Clients are represented on the issues of alimony (for how long, the amount, and type of alimony), complex asset and debt divisions, treatment of trusts, inheritances and business assets, child support, custodial matters and parenting schedules, payment of educational costs and other concerns.

Legal concerns after divorce

As the non-intact family changes in the years after your divorce, we can assist with post-judgment modification of parenting plans and support obligations. When it is necessary, we also represent clients in contempt actions and enforcement of family court orders from other states. We also help clients revise their estate plans after getting divorced.

Issues involving children

We help families create custody arrangements and parenting plans that meet the needs, safety and developmental needs of the children, and we advocate and educate parents about their child support obligations.

Dividing assets

Jennifer has finely-developed financial and business skills that assists clients in valuing all assets. For couples with business interests, trusts or potential inheritances, Jennifer has expertise in gathering necessary documents and information for expert valuation and/or negotiation and advocacy.

Division of debt

Dividing debt can be complicated, especially if a business incurred the debt or if one party was unaware of the debt prior to the separation.

Representation for unmarried couples

Unmarried couples who are in domestic partnerships face many of the same uncoupling challenges as married couples, including financial obligations and custodial arrangements. We expertly assist fathers in establishing paternity, when necessary.